SnapDragon Speaks: To All The Friends I’ve Lost.

Pointless Overthinking

Shedding, 2020. Pennsylvania.
Original Photo by SnapDragon X.
All rights reserved.

To All The Friends I’ve Lost:

I simply want to say hello, although it’s been so many years.

Because even as time performs its cruel, relentless dance, I still remember you.

I remember us.

I still laugh when I think of all our ridiculous jokes;

how many fears, dreams and secrets we shared;

how many times it felt like Us Against The Big Bad World.

And even though our paths diverged, and we’ll likely never meet again, you are still a part of me:

You’re tucked behind a picture frame; hummed in once-forgotten lyrics;

You’re a phantom companion buried someplace deep within my heart, twisting and turning at a moment’s notice.

I smile. I accept.

I breathe you in and out.

Because somehow, some way, I love you still.

. . .

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